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Fuel Cap Cover For Medium Duty Trucks: Keep Your Fuel Secure with Container Security Solutions

With Container Security Solutions, you can keep your fuel secure and protect your profitability. Our Patented Locking Fuel Cap Cover is designed for medium-duty trucks and, when used according to our detailed installation instructions, can provide an effective deterrent to fuel theft. For added security, it’s designed not to release the cap when force or torque is applied, allowing you to safely store extra fuel without worrying about unauthorized access. Thanks to fuel cap cover for medium-duty trucks’ exclusive design and high-security components, customers across the US and Canada trust us for their container security needs. Invest in a medium-duty truck locking fuel cap cover now to focus on getting from point A to B instead of worrying about potential threats while on the road.


This Patented Locking Fuel Cap Cover is designed to keep Freightliner fuel secure while on the road, protecting Freightliners from pilferage and tampering. Providing much more than ordinary lockouts, this container security solution pairs a high-security external locking device with an insulated internal top seal for unbeatable protection and peace of mind. Maximize your security with Freightliner Locking Fuel Cap Cover.


International Locking Fuel Cap Cover: Get a Patented Locking Fuel Cap Cover Now

Container Security Solutions offers Patented Locking Fuel Cap Covers, providing greater security for tank containers. This fuel cap cover has been specifically designed for commercial trucking and trailer operations. The unique design provides safety and peace of mind from potential fuel leaks or thefts. Additionally, all trucks are covered with a Mack Locking Fuel Cap Cover and International Locking Fuel Cap Cover. Drivers can be assured of safe and secure transportation of their goods, no matter how far they need to travel. Get your own Patented Locking Fuel Cap Cover today and give your trucking business the added protection it needs.

Container Security Solutions is proud to offer the Sterling Locking Fuel Cap Cover and the Western Star Locking Fuel Cap Cover. Designed with durability in mind, these patented

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covers are built with premium-grade polycarbonate and feature stainless steel construction. These innovative locking fuel cap covers feature an exclusive high-security four-jaw lock system for maximum safety and security. Installing quickly and easily on new or existing tanks, you can keep your fuel secure from thieves with our patented locking fuel cap covers.

four sizes to choose from


FLNR-35 - Locking Fuel Cap Cover

ID: 4-5/8” x 1-7/8” (H). Fits Freightliner – Sterling – Western Star Heavy Duty

KWHD-35000 - Locking Fuel Cap Cover

ID 4.25” x 1.38” (H).  Fits Kenworth – International – Mack – Volvo Heavy Duty

UNIV-200010 - Locking Fuel Cap Cover

ID: 3-5/16” x 1-7/16” (H).  Fits Medium Duty Truck – M2 – Hino – International -Universal Heavy Duty

PBTL-0001 - Locking Fuel Cap Cover

ID: 4-11/16” x 1-45” (H). Fits Peterbilt

Protect Your Fuel with Our Patented Locking Fuel Cap Cover

Introducing the Patented Locking Fuel Cap Cover by Container Security Solutions, the failsafe you need to protect your fuel. When it comes to protecting valuable property or hazardous material, having that extra layer of security makes all the difference. Our innovative locking fuel cap cover is perfect for any tank or container, from industrial machine tanks to gas cans in your backyard. This cap cover provides added protection against contamination and theft and gives you peace of mind knowing your fuel is safe and secure. Invest in our Patented Locking Fuel Cap Cover today and get total peace of mind.

Container Security Solutions is proud to manufacture the Peterbilt Locking Fuel Cap Cover for trucks. This fuel cap cover is designed to provide maximum security, reliability, and durability for your Peterbilt truck. We understand that fuel is a valuable asset, so we’ve implemented our patented locking mechanism to ensure your Peterbilt truck’s safety in harsh weather conditions and hazardous work environments. Our practical Peterbilt Heavy Duty Locking Fuel Cap Cover also prevents theft of both fuel and freight through its secure, tamper-proof design. So whether it’s just a day of hauling freight or long-distance trips, you make with your Peterbilt — you can rest assured knowing that your truck’s fuel is protected with our patented locking fuel cap cover.

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The Ultimate Security Solution for Your Fuel Tank

Container Security Solutions is where you turn for the ultimate security solution for your fuel tank. Our Western Star Heavy-Duty Locking Fuel Cap Cover secures trucks with a simple, easy-to-use lock that is made to last. This product complements your security protocols and provides extra protection from theft and tampering in residential and industrial applications. Combining maximized durability with convenience, it’s the ideal choice for keeping your fuel tank safe and secure. Invest in the best with Container Security Solutions.

If you’re looking for the utmost security when it comes to protecting your fuel tank, look no further than Container Security Solutions’ medium-duty locking fuel cap cover. This Patented product is designed with a 3-point locking system for maximum protection, providing an impenetrable barrier to protect your valuable asset. Not only does this medium-duty locking fuel cap cover increase safety and security measures, but it’s also extremely affordable – giving you peace of mind that your store’s contents are secure without breaking the bank.

Keep Your Trucking Business Secure with the Patented Locking Fuel Cap Cover

As a trucking business, safety and security are your two main priorities. You need the Patented Locking Fuel Cap Cover from Container Security Solutions. This specially designed fuel cap cover is innovative and secure, with an adjustable locking mechanism to protect against tampering and theft. It will help protect your valuable cargo while adding another layer of peace of mind to ensure your business runs smoothly and securely. The slim-line design makes it easy to attach and remove when needed. Ensure the safety of your trucking business today and invest in a Patented Locking Fuel Cap Cover– it’s worth it.

We have developed the Patented Locking Fuel Cap Cover to help trucking business owners protect their fuel tanks from theft. With a simple and easy-to-use installation process, this cover effectively keeps intruders out while still allowing drivers unfettered access whenever they need it. Instead of using cumbersome locks or having to worry about fuel tanks being broken into, the Patented Locking Fuel Cap Cover provides an ideal solution for trucking companies that want to ensure their fuel stays secure even when they’re away from home.

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